Wine Tasting and Wineries in Lumbarda on Korcula Island

The picturesque town of Lumbarda is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered by wine enthusiasts. With its unique grape varietals, stunning landscapes, and flourishing vineyards, Lumbarda offers a delightful wine-tasting experience. 

Lumbarda Terrior & Grk

Lumbarda boasts a distinctive terroir that contributes to the unique character of its wines. The combination of sunny days, cool nights, and the influence of the Adriatic Sea creates an ideal environment for cultivating indigenous grape varieties. Among them, Grk stands out as the signature grape of Lumbarda, producing wines known for their crisp acidity and pronounced minerality.

There are many localised grape varieties in Croatia but one of the finest and most renowned is the Grk variety, cultivated almost exclusively on Korcula Island in the picturesque village of Lumbarda growing in the sandy soils. 

What makes Grk an extra special & fascinating wine, is not only its unique taste and distinctive fragrance (dry with tastes of citrus, minerals and mildly bitter at the finish) but that the vines have only female flowering parts, so it will not produce a grape crop if planted alone. Thus, the vineyards of Lumbarda are somewhat strange come late summer when you’ll see white and red grapes grown side-by-side. The regional red wine varietal, Plavac Mali, is grown alongside the Grk vines and acts as its “mate” or as it is sometimes called, the “lover boy”! Plavac Mali provides the male flowering parts for pollination and is an ideal companion as it flowers at the same time as Grk. 

The first evidence of Grk has been traced back to the Greeks when they settled on the island in 3rd – 4th century BC. Some people say “Grk” is named after the Greeks whereas some say it’s named after its bitter taste. Gorak is the word for bitter in Croatian. 

Today there are 12 producers of Grk in Lumbarda, all family-run establishments that either sell their wine directly from their tasting rooms or their local restaurants. Production is small-scale with estimates of around 40,000 bottles of Grk being produced per year. It’s safe to say that most of these are drunk within the year!

Overlooking the vineyards of Lumbarda
Overlooking the vineyards in Lumbarda

Exploring Wineries:

The majority of the wineries open from the beginning of May and close late September/October and work from around 1pm. September is harvest month so the wineries may also be working irregular hours during this period if they are busy harvesting and making wine. It is always best to check in advance to confirm their working hours. It is not obligatory to have an advanced reservation but is recommended during the high season. 

All the wineries offer wine tasting (typically Grk, Rose made from Plavac Mali and Plavac Mali) and traditional snacks. They typically do not offer tours of the vineyards and winery itself. 

Most wineries only accept cash for wine tasting and wine purchases. Don’t assume they will accept credit cards. 

It is also possible to join a wine-tasting tour on Korcula Island if you would like to learn more about the area and the local wines.

Wine Tasting at Popic Winery in Lumbarda
Wine tasting at Popic Winery in Lumbarda

Recommended wineries:

Popic winery – Location: overlooks the central vineyard area 
Mala postrana, 475 Lumbarda
+385 92 327 5212
Google map location

Vitis winery – Location: overlooks the central vineyard area 
Mala postrana, 474 Lumbarda 
+385 91 927 9027
Google map location

Cipre winery – Location: Overlooks the centre of Lumbarda
Lumbarda, 385 
+385 91 930 1296
Google map location

Sabulum winery – Location: Overlooks Przina beach
Lumbarda 488
+385 92 278 3610
Google map location

Winery Casa Boschi – Location: Overlooks the centre of Lumbarda
Lumbarda 390
+385 99 518 1982
Google map location

Lovric winery – Location: A short walk from the centre
Lumbarda 217/1
+385 98 244 109
Google map location

Adrian’s winery – Location: Overlooks the bay and centre of Lumbarda
Lumbarda 42
+385 98 436 589
Google map location

Bire winery – Location: A few minutes drive/10 minute walk from the centre
Podstrana 233, Lumbarda
Restricted working hours 10:00-12:00 and 16:00-19:00
+385 98 344 712
Google map location

Wine tasting at Vitis Winery in Lumbarda
Wine tasting at Vitis Winery in Lumbarda

The Grk Festival:

For those fortunate enough to visit Lumbarda during late summer, the annual Grk Festival is a celebration not to be missed. This lively event brings together locals and visitors to revel in the beauty of Grk wine. Enjoy live music and the chance to sample a variety of Grk wines and other local wines from different wineries.

Whether you’re a seasoned oenophile or a casual wine enthusiast, Lumbarda’s wineries promise an unforgettable journey through the heart of Croatian winemaking. Villa Hera is located just a short stroll from the wineries – even our neighbours are a winery!

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