Lumbarda Food Guide: Must try dishes and restaurants

What is the best part of a vacation? For me, it’s eating (probably too much!) and sampling local dishes and flavours. Croatia has a delicious cuisine and the food from Korcula Island can be experienced at one of the many restaurants in Lumbarda. 

You might be wondering what popular foods in Croatia are, and where you can try them during your stay in Lumbarda. We have you covered in this Lumbarda Food Guide! 

In the post, we will highlight traditional popular Croatian foods on the Island of Korcula. We will also share details about our recommended restaurants in Lumbarda.

Must try dishes in Lumbarda

The Lumbarda Food Guide includes information about seafood and fish dishes to try on Korcula Island.
You will be able to try fresh seafood and fish dishes in Lumbarda

Fresh seafood and fish

Lumbarda is situated on the sea so you must try fresh fish and seafood! You can find simply grilled fish such as sea bass or sea bream or seafood such as squid. The simplicity of the preparation results in maximising the flavour of the fish and seafood. 

You can also try various traditional Croatian dishes where seafood and fish are the key ingredients. 

A few examples include:

  • Black risotto, which gets its colour and rich flavour from squid ink.
  • Brodet is a fish and seafood stew typically served with polenta.
  • Octopus salad is a refreshing start consisting of cooked octopus, capers, red onion and tomatoes, with a glug of red wine vinegar and olive oil. 


One of Croatia’s national dishes, Peka is a popular dish on Korcula Island and throughout the region of Dalmatia. 

Peka is from meat such as veal or lamb, or octopus. Chopped potatoes or vegetables are added to the pot and the food is slowly cooked under a metal dome lid (called peka). The dish is cooked for several hours in a stone grill, under the cover of embers. 

The resulting dish is heavenly. Tender meat or octopus, juicy potatoes and vegetables. Grab some bread and be sure to mop up the very last drop of sauce! 

Zrnovski Makaruni

Originating from the village of Zrnovo on Korcula Island, Zrnovski Makaruni is a pasta dish popular across Korcula Island

The pasta is hand-rolled around a wooden skewer so it has a hole in the middle. I’ve tried to shape it and it’s harder than it looks! 

The pasta is traditionally served with a rich beef meat sauce, but various sauces are available, including tomato or seafood. 


Typically prepared as a celebration dish, the preparation of pasticada starts with marinating beef which tenderises and flavours the meat. 

The beef is then slowly cooked in red wine gravy and vegetables, giving it a rich and hearty flavour. Pasticada is usually served with gnocchi. 

Prsut and Cheese Charcuterie Board

Most Croatian meals start with a delicious board of locally cured meats, in particular prsut, an air-dried and smoked pork meat (similar to Italian prosciutto), cheese such as the salty cheese from Pag Island and olives. 

Drizzle over some local olive oil and serve with crusty homemade bread, oh and of course a local glass of Grk wine, and you have a delectable feast! What better way to start all meals?! 

Our recommended restaurants in Lumbarda

The Lumbarda Food guide contains information about popular foods in Croatia that can be enjoyed at restaurants in Lumbarda.
One of Croatia’s most popular food from Dalmatia is Peka, a slow cooked meat or octopus dish


Friendly family run restaurant on the waterfront in Lumbarda. Sit outside on one of the tables close to the water’s edge or upstairs on the wonderful terrace overlooking the sea, where you can watch the chefs at work in the open kitchen. 

The menu includes grilled meats and seafood dishes. They make one of the best seafood risottos around and they also produce high quality wine.


We love everything about this family run place. The venue is very atmospheric and cosy located next to the family’s house, surrounded by olive and fruit trees. The friendly and down to earth service makes you feel at home. 

The menu offers some great alternative dishes catering for all tastes. And most importantly the food is delicious. I ate the tastiest tuna I’ve ever eaten here. 


This is one of the island’s best seafood places on Korcula and has such lovely service. Gavuni is in a perfect location right on the water in a quiet bay in Lumbarda. You can sit inside right on the edge of the sea, or if it’s sunny they have a cool interior. 

The octopus salad and squid are fantastic. We often order a few dishes and then enjoy them family style. This is also somewhere you can enjoy the traditional Croatian pasta dish, zrnovski makaruni. 

Przina Beach Bar

A no-frills beach bar located on the nearby sandy beach, Przina. 

This is a great place for quick snack food whilst enjoying the beach. Choose from burgers, fried calamari, salads, ice cream and cold beers.

Torkul Pizzeria 

Lumbarda’s famed pizzeria is located at Tatinja Beach. Good value and has generous toppings on the pizza. Where else can you enjoy such delicious pizza and fabulous sea views at the same time? 

It might surprise you that pizza is so popular in Croatia. With strong Italian influences on Croatian cuisine, you will find many dishes you’d more commonly associate with being from Italy. Croatian pizza is fantastic and is a perfect budget or quick food option! 

You can’t book so be prepared to wait if you turn up when it is busy. They have a lovely waiting area in the garden where you can enjoy a drink. 

Konoba Mada

Located in the centre of Lumbarda, Mada offers a daily menu and highlights include fish and pasta dishes. Don’t forget to leave room for their delicious desserts. 


One of Lumbarda’s great wine producers, the family also run an agritourism restaurant best known for their freshly caught fish and seafood. Located on a shady terrace just a short walk from the centre. 

Our recommended bars in Lumbarda

Prvi Zal cocktail & beach bar 

The best place in Lumbarda to chill out, Przi Zal is a cocktail bar on the pebble beach near Lumbarda harbour. It offers live music some evenings and tasty, good value cocktails.  

Moon Bar

Fun cocktail bar hidden up a side path in the centre of Lumbarda. Enjoy tasty cocktails and a relaxed ambience.

Are you excited to try delicious food during your holiday to Lumbarda? We hope our Lumbarda Food Guide has given you ideas about what things to eat on Korcula Island and helpful recommendations about where to eat in Lumbarda. The majority of restaurants in Lumbarda are within easy walking distance from Villa Hera.

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